Name Logo    Jason Bove's Graphic Design Portfolio

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Identity (Logos)
This row of portfolio samples features logos that were created for hypothetical companies and projects in a classroom environment.  
ElectroGo Logo
Name Logo
Logo for Car Company Logo of First Name Logo for Philadelphia Hotel W Letterform 
Redrawn Logos
This row of portfolio samples features logos and artwork that were redrawn from already created samples.  They were origionally a low resolution, so they were redrawn in Adobe Illustrator for large format printing to prevent pixelation.  These were done and used in a realtime work environment.
Harm Masonry
Philly Taxi
Seal of Supreme Court Judges Harm Masonry Logo Lasa Logo Taxi Fleet Logo
Advertising and Publications
The next two rows feature signs and brochures that were created in both academic and professional environments.  
Arts At Bucks Card Artist Tea
Don't Miss A Flake Ocean City
Arts At Bucks Advertisment Artist Tea Package Design Kids Snowfall Poster Ocean City Bifold Brochure
Global Warming Today Self Portrait Christianity Eggplant
Global Warming Magazine Cover Self Portrait in Illustrator Christian Newsletter Nanna's Secret Food Labels
Fine Art
This row features drawings and paintings that were done in fine art classes prior to graphic design classes
Two Dimensional Additive Color Still Life Pencil Drawing
Two Dimensional Black and White
Medium: Black Acrylic on Illustration Board
Two Dimensional Additive Color
Medium: Color Acrylic on Illustration Board
Still Life
Medium: Black Acrylic on Illustration Board
Pencil Drawing of Jennifer Anniston
Medium: Pencil on Paper